As a committed Kibbutz member for the past forty years, I have borne witness to the significant transformation of our Shluchot community from the “Classic Cooperative Kibbutz (Shitufi)” to its current incarnation as a “Renewed (privatized)Kibbutz”. While much good has come from these changes, they have prompted me to reflect on the urgency of preserving our collective history and ethos.

My multifaceted artistic journey aims to revitalize our connection with the past and foster a renewed sense of pride in our community. Through a series of creative projects, I strive to  uncover and celebrate the forgotten narratives that have shaped our community’s identity over time.

In my most recent endeavor, I’ve taken on the task of reinterpreting iconic kibbutz artifacts that once embodied our commitment to simplicity, equality, and community, and infuse them with new life through the medium of hand-sculpted marble. Among my reinterpreted  items are: the classic kibbutz slipper, the revered “Kova Tembel” hat, the versatile, multipurpose plate used for main courses and soups in the kibbutz dining hall the practical, small, wooden table-top “squeegee,” and the enduring symbol of labor, the classic kibbutz work shirt. These sculptures stand as a homage to our shared heritage, offering enduring reminders of our collective past and shared values.

My choice of hand -carved marble for these items carries with it many layers of meaning.

Marble’s durability underscores the lasting significance of these artifacts within our community’s history. Just as marble sculptures endure through centuries, these reinterpreted kibbutz objects serve as tangible connections to our past, ensuring that their stories remain vivid and relevant for generations to come. Moreover, the choice of marble elevates the artistic and cultural value of the reinterpreted artifacts, emphasizing their significance as symbols of collective memory and identity. By transforming everyday objects into works of art, we imbue them with a sense of reverence and importance that transcends their utilitarian function.

Throughout my creative process, I collect anecdotes and reminiscences from seasoned kibbutz members, capturing the essence of what these objects signify within our community. These narratives will be interwoven with the sculptures and displayed within a repurposed bomb shelter turned gallery, offering a space for introspection and contemplation.

This art installation aims to bridge the historical gap between past and present, cultivating a deeper understanding and reverence for the sacrifices and contributions of our predecessors/ founders. It is my heartfelt desire that newer members embrace the legacy of our kibbutz as they carve their paths within our cherished community. Through art and storytelling, we honor the richness of our past while embracing the boundless potential of our future.


Classic Kibbutz work shirt – marble – 2024



“Kova Temble”  – pioneers hat – vintage and marble


 Kibbutz plate / bowl – marble



Kibbutz “Kippy” slipper – vintage and marble



Kibbutz cup marble-2024

Kibbutz “Safel”- cup – original and marble



Giant “Chamin” Paddle – marble

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