In the wake of the tragic events of October 7th, the subsequent months have undoubtedly been the most challenging period I’ve experienced since immigrating to our quiet  kibbutz in the north, Shluchot, some 40 years ago. Amidst these trying times, my sanctuary has been none other than my studio. Here, amidst the chaos, I have found solace and inspiration, channeling the turmoil of our reality into my art. This “escape” has resulted in a series of pieces that capture the horrors we face, while also prompting me to revisit earlier works that now resonate more deeply than ever. I share these creations below with the fervent hope for brighter days ahead, and for the safe return of our hostages and soldiers.


Oct 7th Sketchbook Page


Black Sabbath Torah Finials-Rimonim ,tar and steel 2024


Black Sabbath tar paintings triptych


Sabra tar painting Oct7th


Black Sabbath tar painting



A Nation In Mourning – Covered Mirror -Carved Marble-2023


Cypress Brook Art-found brass memorial candle plaques /paper  /watercolor 2024

Cypress Book Art



“Return In Peace” embossing .




Return In Peace Boots

“Return In Peace” print




“Torn House-“Kriyah” torn work clothes-steel       184cm x184cm


“Kodesh La Hashem” Holy Onto God” Vintage Israeli ARMY Helmet and gold leaf