Have not blogged in a long while – seems that I have had  little time free since volunteering for Miluim / reserves on our kibbutz . But now that I am no longer in Miluim thought I would take a moment and share what I have been busy with in the little bits of  free time that I have had for art production.

Looking back  today seems that  most of the works I created since OCT 7th have  been my attempt  at  dealing with or perhaps escaping from our “changed” world since the attacks on our home /country. Wish I could say that I have been successful but there is no escaping in my studio till our hostages  have been returned and the threat on our  borders has been neutralized. Meanwhile sharing below new works and some older that seem to have real connections to our current reality as well.


Tar paintings


Sabra tar painting


Challah tar painting


Tar Torah Rimonim /Finials –


Carved marble -Nation in mourning.


Cypress brook art


Return In Peace


Return In Peace embossing .


Shattered  Glass Home




Israel Dolls