Opening of My “Guard Tower Light Installation ” here on Kibbutz Shluchot -27/10

For years I have been interested or maybe obsessed with the original guard tower that stands right opposite my home. My first guard tower inspired project was a “Havdalah Spice Box” that was a finalist in the Spertus competition back in 1991. As the years progressed the tower fell into what looked like terminal disrepair. Two years ago I decided to transform the tower that really had been a symbol of our community into a public art project – including interviewing the man who built the tower- gathering original blueprints and images and of course replacing and restoring the tower itself.

The final stage -The blue light that hovers over the kibbutz at sunset – my favorite part of the project was done with the help of the electricians – one who wired the original searchlight back in the early 1950s!

Next week the kibbutz will have an opening for this project with music -poetry etc -so if you are in the area please drop by.