“Shards”-“Afra Daara” -Dust of the Earth -#whowasherebeforeme

This project is one of those long term projects that you begin but never know when it will end or where it will end up!

After running for years in the fields and hills surrounding my home   (where I have lived for over 30years) I decided to pay closer attention to what is going on right under my feet.So I chose 10 days of running -put a small pack on my back and picked up every ceramic shard I saw .Returning to my studio I brown bagged the day and logged the find -when I finished the ten days I sat down to draw-watercolor that days finds.

Stage 2- cast 10 – Terrazzo tiles one for each day with the corresponding shards.After hours of grinding and polishing I produced ten beautiful tiles

Stage 3-ground the remaining shards from each day down to fine powder- in hope of mixing the ancient DNA of the potters who made those vessels some over 3000 years old with my DNA in upcoming stage 4- ten chant made ceramic coffee mugs!

This project has certainly made me ponder those who walked the same fields before me and I’m sure that will influence my future works.

stay tuned for stage 4!!